Tekamah Airport Joint Zoning Board

Per Nebraska Statutes Chapter 3, the Tekamah Airport Joint Zoning Board is comprised of nine members; two appointed from each political subdivision over which the Airport’s Protected Zones lay, and one member at large. From those nine members, the members elect a Chairman, Vice-Chairman, and Treasurer. The board also hires a part time secretary.

The political subdivisions represented by the board are:
1. City of Tekamah, NE
2. Burt County, NE
3. Washington County, NE
4. Harrison County, IA

The board members are as follows:
Kevin Brenneis, City of Tekamah, NE
Pat Braniff, City of Tekamah, NE
Ed Morrow, Burt County, NE
Scott Olson, Burt County, NE
Mark Van Der Hart, Burt County, NE
Gary Riibe, Washington County, NE
Carl Lorenzen, Washington County, NE
Matt Pitt, Harrison County, IA
Mike Henry, Harrison County, IA

Officers are as follows:
Chairman Mark Van Der Hart
Vice-Chairman Carl Lorenzen
Treasurer Kevin Brenneis

Secretary is Jenn Peterson, Tekamah, NE

The Tekamah Airport Joint Zoning Board meets twice yearly unless a special meeting is called. Regular meetings are on the last Monday in April and October at 7:00 P.M. at locations determined.

Contact information:
Mark Van Der Hart, Chairman
475 County Rd. 35
Tekamah, NE 68061
402-699-0621 (cell)

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